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Water Intrusion in Hendersonville, NC Garage Leads to WaterGuard and SuperSump Installation

Water intrusion does not just happen in basements and crawlspaces, but can pretty much happen anywhere below grade. This essentially means that any area that is below ground or partially below ground could be affected by water intrusion. This is usually caused by hydrostatic pressure, which is essentially pressure caused by water filling up the gaps in the soil around the home and beginning to push its way into the home. 

This particular home was dealing with water intrusion in the garage of the home, which happened to be slightly below grade. It is difficult to see the damage that had already started to happen from the water intrusion because of some of the shelving, but there is a darker area along the perimeter where the water had soaked into the ground. Having water constantly in the area increases the moisture level of the garage and can cause damage to anything stored near the water intrusion.

The after picture shows the same area by the garage door. The main product showed in this photo is the SuperSump pump system, which is under the blue lid that can be seen. The SuperSump is important because it is what actually pumps the water outside and away from the home. The other product that was installed was the WaterGuard, which is actually under the freshly mixed and poured concrete. The WaterGuard leaves a small gap between the floor and wall so that water can get into the drain. The WaterGuard ties in directly to the SuperSump. 

Sump Pump Installation in Landrum, SC

This homeowner was having some problems with water coming through the basement walls, which was a big problem for the owner because they used their basement as a storage area. In order to help fix this basement, and bring it back to its former glory we sent a System Design Specialist to see what would be best for the homeowner. After the inspection, our Specialist knew exactly what this home needed, two products; a SuperSump Pump system and some WaterGuard basement drain.

The "before" picture shows a pretty average-looking basement wall, nothing too much out of the ordinary. Some smaller things that can be seen are the minerals left behind on the bottom of the wall and floors, this is more technically called, efflorescence. This just shows that water has been making its way through the basement walls/floors, because this is what is left behind when water seeps through.

The "after" photo tells a much different story than the before picture. The after picture shows what this area looked like after our installation crew had installed our products. The most obvious part of this photo is the SuperSump, which is directly in the middle of the picture. This sump pump system does an excellent job of pumping the water out of the basement and into the yard. The other product that may not be noticed is the WaterGuard drain, which was installed around the perimeter of the basement. This drain collects all of the water that comes through the walls and directs it towards the SuperSump.

Clyde, NC Homeowner Gets New SuperSump Pump and Waterproofing System

This homeowner knew of their water intrusion issues way before they called us, but they didn't realize that there was an effective way to stop the water. The homeowner already had a sump pump in their basement, but it could only do so much by itself. The homeowner knew this and when they saw one of our TV commercials, they knew exactly who could help fix these problems.

When our Systems Design Specialist went out to the home, he knew that this homeowner was going to need a little bit more than just a sump pump, which was the only thing the homeowner had at the time. Our Specialist was able to quote a full basement waterproofing project for the homeowner, so that they wouldn't have to worry about any further damage to the home.

The crew was then able to go out to the home and install the system just a few weeks later. All in all the homeowner had WaterGuard, a dehumidifier, and a SuperSump system installed in the basement, but we'll be focusing on the sump pump. As you can see, the sump pump that was installed in this basement is much different than the previous one. Our sump systems come with a liner that is airtight on top, meaning that no moisture will come out of the top. It also has a convenient area for the dehumidifier to drain to, which is what you can see in the after photo.


Brevard, NC Basement Has SuperSump Installed in Perfect Position

Our Design Specialists and crew go to a lot of trouble to make sure all products function in the most effective way possible.  This means taking the time to measure, to plan, and to review the subject at hand. Before we install any product, we have to make sure that the product can “work” in that space. We do this with all things, including our sump pumps. To function as they were designed, the sump must be placed at the lowest point in the crawlspace or basement. This insures that all water will eventually flow towards that point.

Before installing our SuperSump pump in this Brevard, North Carolina basement, that is what we attempted to do. We often attempt to accommodate other factors as well, but this is one of the most pressing during installation. Sometimes, the SuperSump is accompanied by WaterGuard. This is a piping system that is installed below grade and covered with cement. The system, as depicted here, is invisible to the eye. It does its job without being seen, carting water from around the perimeter of the basement and into the SuperSump.

SuperSump Pump System Discharge Line Installed for Chapin, SC Basement with Water Intrusion

Sump pumps are a very important part of the system that we install. While sump pumps are great, they are also useless without the installation of a proper discharge line. There are many ways to mess up a discharge line, but only one way to properly install the line. Fortunately, our crews are well-trained and have a lot of experience in installing our systems. 

The first picture shows off the discharge after the crew had installed the sump pump and had started running the discharge pipe. It is important to make sure that wherever the discharge runs, it is away from home and won't flow back towards the home. This prevents the sump pump from pumping out water, then having the same water get back into the home and have to pump it out again. 

The second photo shows the same area after the crew had cleaned up the area and filled in the area where the discharge was run. While you can still tell about where the discharge is, the crew did a great job at covering it up. After the grass grows back in this area, there will be almost no sign of the discharge. Our crews do there very best to take care of the issue and making it seem like we were never there! They certainly succeeded in this project. 

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