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Our Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System In Greater Columbia

At All-Dry of the Carolinas, it's our job to make sure that your musty crawlspace is transformed into a cleaner, drier, healthier, and more energy-efficient space.

Most homeowners aren't happy with their crawl space environment. And there's a good reason for that -- most crawl spaces don't offer much to be smiling about!

Typical crawl spaces are moldy, foul-smelling spaces that homeowners avoid at all costs. Many of them flood, and they're often filled with debris left over from when the house was constructed.

In more extreme cases, they can be rotting structures with rodents, animals, and other pests living within.

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Our Vapor Barrier System

CleanSpace® Crawl Space Encapsulation System

All-Dry of the Carolinas offers more than just crawl space vapor barriers! Our complete moisture control system includes a wide variety of crawl space products for your home. Click on any of the icons to the left to learn more.

Advantages To Our System:

  • Fast, Clean Installation
  • Patented, Warrantied Products
  • Save Money On Utility Bills
  • Gain Storage Space

Before and After
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation with CleanSpace in Old Fort, NC
    Crawlspace Encapsulation with CleanSpace in Old Fort, NC

    This customer wanted to encapsulate their crawlspace to keep any moisture from getting in, while also making it better looking and easier to work in.

    The "before" photo shows a dark and dirty crawlspace, and even worse than that, it was exposed to the elements! The old liner they had did very little to keep water out.

    The "after" photo shows what the same area looks like after we've installed our CleanSpace Liner! It is much brighter and easier to work in. But the best part about the CleanSpace Liner is that you don't have to worry about water and condensation building up under your home and causing even more problems!


  • Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mars Hill, NC
    Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mars Hill, NC

    This crawlspace had very serious water problems. The pictures show just how bad the water intrusion was. The water was pouring into the crawlspace during rainstorms and was pooling on top of the home's old crawlspace liner. While it still would not have been good for the water to soak into the ground, the water sitting on top of the liner almost guarantees that it will evaporate and soak into something above it; i.e. floor joists and insulation. Fortunately, our crew was able to come out there in a reasonable amount of time to install the CleanSpace and accompanying products before anything serious happened!

    The "before" picture shows this pooling very well. One of the larger puddles can be seen in the middle of this picture, by the back wall. Not only is there large puddles of water throughout the crawlspace, but there is also a lot of condensation under this liner, which would not necessarily be a bad thing if the liner was sealed correctly, but because it is not, the moisture is still able to make its way out of the liner and up to the floor joists.

    The "after" picture shows the same area, but with the CleanSpace (and other products) installed. There is no water visible and never will be with this liner installed. It is sealed up tight, and with the proper products, like the SuperSump sump pump that was installed, this homeowner will not have to worry about their crawlspace flooding again. Another way that the moisture and humidity levels are kept in check is by the SantaFe Edge II dehumidifier that was installed by our crew!

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation with CleanSpace in Black Mountain, NC
    Crawl Space Encapsulation with CleanSpace in Black Mountain, NC

    CleanSpace is such a great product and makes any crawlspace look brand new! This home in Black Mountain had some much-needed help to get it to a healthy and moisture-free crawlspace. This crawlspace was completely encapsulated to prevent moisture from coming in and mold growing.

    The "before" picture shows a crawlspace in desperate need of repair. You can see in this picture that several things are out of place and don't provide for a healthy crawlspace. First off, You can see the hanging insulation. This is usually never a good sign, it usually means that enough moisture has gotten into the insulation and pulled it down, making it sag or fall. You can also see the exposed earth, with the old liner pulled back. A lot of moisture in crawlspaces actually come from and are caused by the ground.

    The "after" photo shows the difference that CleanSpace can make in a crawlspace. Our crew came in this crawlspace and treated it like Extreme Makeover: Crawlspace Edition. After cleaning up the crawlspace by removing the remaining insulation and moving bricks/rocks, they began to install the CleanSpace Liner. As you can tell, the CleanSpace makes the crawlspace brighter and overall, more appealing. Not only does the crawlspace look better, but it is protected. This homeowner does not have to worry about moisture, water, mold, or anything having to do with his crawlspace ever again! Oh, and the cable guy will love working in a crawlspace like this!

  • Low Clearance Crawlspace Encapsulation in Marshall, NC
    Low Clearance Crawlspace Encapsulation in Marshall, NC

    Crawlspaces are already a pretty difficult place to work in, but every once and awhile we have a home that has a crawlspace that has an extremely low clearance. This crawlspace truly lived up to its name, because there was barely enough room to crawl. However, the area still needed to be encapsulated, so our crew suited up and took on the challenge.

    The crew works pretty hard on a normal job, but they definitely had some difficulties with this installation. This project actually had drain matting to be installed as well, so the crew had to first cover the area with this. After it was in place and secured, they moved on to the CleanSpace liner. Which is what you can see in the after photo. As you can tell, it completely transforms the area both physically and functionally. 

  • Crawlspace in Mill Spring, NC Encapsulated in CleanSpace
    Crawlspace in Mill Spring, NC Encapsulated in CleanSpace

    So many homeowners have to deal with the unfortunate, but common moisture and mold problems that come with crawlspaces. This homeowner was not exempt from this harsh reality. Upon initial inspection, our Service Design Specialist saw a lot of moisture built up under the home. This resulted in a humidity level that was definitely higher than it should have been. To help this homeowner out, our Specialist recommended our CleanSpace vapor barrier, as well as a dehumidifier to control the humidity level.

    The "before" photo shows the crawlspace in the condition it was in when we first visited this home. While it is in better shape than a lot of crawl spaces, it still shows signs of moisture problems. The most noticeable thing in this photo is the condensation under the old liner that was installed in the crawlspace. Most of the "white" or lighter spots on the liner are areas where condensation has accumulated.

    The "after" photo shows the same area as before, but a little zoomed in. The difference is huge. First off, the two liners look much different. The CleanSpace is much thicker and cannot be seen through. The CleanSpace Liner is white and reflects light much better. While this is more of an "after-effect", it is still a nice benefit to installing the CleanSpace. However, the biggest difference that it makes is what cannot be seen. CleanSpace is a vapor barrier, which means that the water vapor coming up from the ground is blocked and rather than getting into the crawlspace, it's trapped and drained off. We also installed a SaniDry CX dehumidifier, to help keep the humidity at a low enough level to keep mold from forming.

  • Crawlspace Encapsulation Chesnee, SC
    Crawlspace Encapsulation Chesnee, SC

    This homeowner had a lot of work done when our company came out to his home. This before and after will only focus on a very small part of the entire job, however, this was a very important part of the project. It may not seem to have changed all that much between the two photos (besides that the area is covered in some white plastic), but it certainly has!

    CleanSpace does much more than it seems, but it was not the only thing that was done in the crawlspace and in this photo. One thing that gets masked is that our crew sealed the vents in the crawlspace. In the before photo, the vents in the corner of the crawlspace can very obviously be seen, however, in the other photo, the area is covered. The crew actually seals the vents up and caulks them so that no air can get into the crawlspace from these vents.

    Now that the sealed vents have been discussed, let's go back to the CleanSpace, which is what really makes the difference in a crawlspace. Having this thick liner keeps water vapor from penetrating it, which is good because that means the relative humidity level should go down quite significantly. One of the most important aspects of the CleanSpace's installation is that it gets sealed to the wall. This is important because if it is not sealed, then it is much less effective at keeping the water vapor out of the crawlspace. In the after picture, the CleanSpace has been sealed just a few inches below the "ceiling" of the crawlspace. Don't forget, CleanSpace also brightens up the crawlspace and makes it look much more "Clean"!

  • Chester, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation
    Chester, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation

    This homeowner had a large amount of moisture in its crawlspace when they called us, but this was not the first time they dealt with water intrusion issues. Previous to water issues in the crawlspace, they had water intrusion in their basement, that was solved with a different company and products, however, they did not want that company to do more waterproofing work, so they called us. This was a relatively simple and quick fix, but a very important one, because of just how much moisture was getting into the crawlspace.

    The "before" picture shows off the how the ground in the crawlspace is almost like mud, that's a lot of water! You can even see where mud has pushed, rubbed on the hot water heater. This crawlspace was in some pretty rough shape, but with a little bit of work and a great product, our crew made this crawlspace look like new!

    The "after" picture shows the huge transformation that happened in this crawlspace. Our crew had a lot of different objects to go around in this area but did it with expertise. Sealing this crawlspace is one of the biggest parts of the job because of its importance. If it is not sealed correctly, then the moisture is still going to make its way into the "encapsulated" crawlspace.

  • Storage Area Under Asheville, NC Home In Need of CleanSpace Encapsulation
    Storage Area Under Asheville, NC Home In Need of CleanSpace Encapsulation

    Crawlspaces are a common place for homeowners to store a number of things. It is a huge part of a home that is usually unusable space, especially when there is water intrusion or high humidity levels in the crawlspace. This homeowner however, was still using this space as storage for some of his things that aren't as likely to be damaged by water intrusion. However, they wanted a space where they could store anything without having to worry.

    Before our crew came out and installed the CleanSpace in this area the homeowner had a lot of different things stored here. People often think that crawlspaces are supposed to look like this one, with a damp floor (this can be seen on the right hand side of the photo), and the efflorescence along the back wall and the cinderblock wall. While this area wasn't flooding, enough water was coming in to damage some of the items in the area.

    The main product that was installed was CleanSpace Liner, which helps to keep the water and water vapor from getting into the crawlspace. This is the most important part because if no water can get into the crawlspace, then there isn't much chance for mold to grow or things to be damaged. A dehumidifier was also installed in order to ensure that the humidity level of the crawlspace would stay low enough that mold cannot grow. 

  • Cleanspace Liner Installation in Wet Crawlspace in Asheville, NC
    Cleanspace Liner Installation in Wet Crawlspace in Asheville, NC

    This home needed some work done in its crawlspace after the homeowner's found standing water and damp ground around the crawlspace. There were several products we used in this project, the main one being our CleanSpace Liner. This products helps to keep your crawlspace separated from the outside world, and especially the earth underneath your home, which is a huge contributor to moisture under the home.

    The "before" photo shows part of the basement before the CleanSpace liner had been installed. You can see how the previous crawlspace liner does not even cover all of the ground. In the patch of exposed dirt, you can see damp earth, which is never a good sign.

    This "after" photo shows the same area (although from a different angle) after the CleanSpace had been installed. As you can see, our liner goes at least partially up the wall, depending on what our Specialists recommend and what the homeowner decides. This customer decided to take it all the way up the crawlspace wall. Any seams are sealed tight and correctly, leaving no gaps for water or water vapor to get in, or out.

  • CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation in Tryon, NC
    CleanSpace Crawlspace Encapsulation in Tryon, NC

    One of the most obvious signs of water intrusion or moisture problems in a crawlspace (besides standing water) is when the insulation under the home is falling down. This was the case for this homeowner. The first photo shows just how much insulation was falling and what had already fallen. The reason that this happens is that insulation easily soaks up water and becomes heavy, pulling the insulation down. 

    When our Systems Design Specialist went to this home, he knew right away that this homeowner was going to need a CleanSpace Encapsulation. This is the most effective and efficient way to keep water and moisture out of a crawlspace. The homeowner did his own research, and read through some of our informational material, and ended up agreeing with our Specialist, agreeing to get the work done.

    The final product was a very clear improvement on the "old crawlspace". The crawlspace with the CleanSpace is much brighter, cleaner, and keeps a lot more moisture out than the crawlspace liner they had covering the ground before! As you can see, the CleanSpace goes almost all of the way up the wall. This is to catch as much moisture as possible, we only leave a small gap at the top so that other contractors who may need to access these areas have the access needed.

  • DIY Encapsulation Fails Fletcher, NC Homeowner, Crawlspace Receives CleanSpace Encapsulation
    DIY Encapsulation Fails Fletcher, NC Homeowner, Crawlspace Receives CleanSpace Encapsulation

    Many people will lay down some type of plastic in their crawlspace to help keep the humidity level down. However, this usually just means that a thin sheet is laid out throughout the crawlspace and that is the end of the story. This misses one of the most important parts of encapsulation, sealing the liner. Sealing the liner is one of the most important parts because it prevents any water vapor from getting into the crawlspace.

    Although this sounds like a simple task, it isn't as easy as it sounds. As you can see this homeowner tried to tape these sheets together and then to the top of the wall. This is similar to our process, but because of the quality and lack of experience this homeowner had with waterproofing, this "do-it-yourself" option did not work out nearly as well. As you can see, the corner of the plastic has fallen down.

    Our installers are well-versed and have extensive training in the installation of all of our systems. Many of our employees have been working with us for several years, with a few of them having around 15 years of experience here! Needless to say, our crews know exactly how to install all of our products. Not only do we have several methods of securing and sealing the liner, but the crews also try to follow every curve of the area so that the liner won't be pulled away from the wall.

  • Boiling Springs, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation
    Boiling Springs, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation

    This homeowner was having problems with high humidity in their crawlspace. After hearing about the danger of high humidity and moisture in the crawlspace, the homeowner called us to see what the problem was, but more importantly what the solution was. This crawlspace was not in bad condition at all, but as the homeowner said, the relative humidity was much higher than it should have been.

    The "before" photo shows the crawlspace without any work done or products installed. While there is not water running down the middle of the crawlspace or dripping from the ceiling, this crawlspace did need to have our CleanSpace Liner installed in it.

    The "after" picture shows the same area but after the transformation. Our 20 mm thick CleanSpace Liner has been installed and sealed tightly onto the walls. This seal keeps moisture from getting into the crawlspace. However, it is almost impossible to install this liner without having some gaps, no matter how small. These gaps can be around water heaters (like in the picture), columns, or pipes and do let a little bit of outside air in. This is why our crew also installed a dehumidifier to help regulate the humidity level in the crawlspace.

  • Arden, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation & Dehumidifier Installation
    Arden, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation & Dehumidifier Installation

    This home in Arden, North Carolina had a very damp crawlspace which was in need of a CleanSpace liner, as well as a dehumidifier and sump pump. Between these three products, a crawlspace is usually pretty protected from moisture. However, because this problem wasn't addressed soon enough, we also had to clean the mold off of the floor joists and other areas using Mold-X.

    The "before" photo shows the crawlspace's condition when our System Design Specialist first arrived at the home. As you can see, there is insulation falling down and already on the ground. The unprotected and uncovered ground lets a lot of moisture enter the crawlspace. This was one of the biggest problems for this homeowner.

    The "after" photo gives a great view of the same area, which just happens to be where several of the products that we installed were located. First off, you have the CleanSpace liner. This liner provides great protection and a seal to keep the crawlspace separate from the open ground. We also have the SantaFe Edge II Dehumidifier, which is another quality product we provide. The dehumidifier essentially filters the air for any moisture and keeps the relative humidity low enough that mold cannot grow. The final product in this picture, that you can't see very well is the sump pump. The sump pump takes any water that collects under the CleanSpace liner or from the dehumidifier and pumps it outside the home.

  • Arden, NC Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
    Arden, NC Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

    This home in Arden, North Carolina had been badly damaged by moisture in the crawlspace. They had an old crawlspace liner that was not able to give them very much protection from moisture and mold. The moisture started to soak into the insulation in the crawlspace, as the insulation got heavier and heavier, it began to sag and eventually fall down. When the homeowner noticed this happening and saw the condensation (mainly under the old liner), they decided to give us a call. We were able to help this homeowner out tremendously by encapsulating their crawlspace.

    The "before" picture shows the condition of the crawlspace before any work was done. As you can see, a lot of the insulation is sagging or has already fallen. This is a common sign of water intrusion and moisture problems under a home.

    The "after" photo shows off our crew's amazing installation job. As you can see, all of the insulation was taken out of the crawlspace. This is because of how much moisture was in the insulation. If it would have been left, mold would have easily grown in the crawlspace. The old liner was removed from the ground and replaced with drainage matting and the CleanSpace liner. Our crew also scrubbed down the floor joists with MoldX, which destroys any mold and prevents future mold growth.

  • Moldy Crawlspace in Spartanburg, SC Gets Spruced Up with CleanSpace Encapasulation
    Moldy Crawlspace in Spartanburg, SC Gets Spruced Up with CleanSpace Encapasulation

    Unfortunately, this homeowner was dealing with some active mold in their basement when they decided to call All-Dry of the Carolinas. Like many other homeowners that we have seen and helped, this homeowner knew that mold under the home could cause a lot of different kinds of problems. The main one being the health of the people living in the home. Our Systems Design Specialist came out to the home in order to determine what could be done about this problem in this customer's crawlspace.

    The "before" picture shows the crawlspace before the any of the work was done in the crawlspace. As you can see, the homeowner had already had a crawlspace liner laid out. However, this liner is extremely ineffective when it comes to keeping moisture out of the crawlspace. One of the main reasons that these types of liners do not work well is because they are not sealed along the walls, columns, or even together.

    The "after" picture shows a much different story than before any work was done. This photo shows what the finished basement looked like when the crew was done with it. This customer wanted to make sure that they never had to worry about mold in their crawlspace ever again, so they went with the full encapsulation. As you can see, the CleanSpace goes all the way up the walls of the crawlspace, this prevents even more moisture from soaking through the walls.

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation in Ridgeway, SC
    Crawl Space Encapsulation in Ridgeway, SC

    This crawl space in Ridgeway, SC was having some very serious issues with water intrusion. This actually turned out to be a relatively serious issue for the homeowner and needed to be taken care of as soon as possible. This homeowner really wanted to make sure that this issue would not come back, so he decided to go for a full encapsulation, with CleanSpace running all the way up the wall, 3-inch drain tile, SilverGlo Insulation, a dehumidifier, and a SuperSump pump system. All of these products worked together to provide this homeowner with more protection than they knew what to do with!

    The "before" photo shows a corner in the crawlspace that was getting hit pretty hard by the water intrusion. The most obvious part of the photo is the dark, wet soil along the corner of the wall, which is pretty significant that that much water has built enough to essentially make mud. Another issue that you can see if the water that has soaked through the wall. The dark spots all up the wall are the areas that water has soaked through the blocks, which is where the issues were coming from in this crawlspace.

    The "after" picture is what the crawl space looked like after the CleanSpace and other products had already been installed. The only product that can be seen in this photo is the CleanSpace liner, however, you can see that it covers almost the entire area beside the ceiling and part of an interior column. We leave a few inches of open area so that if any other contractors need to access the rim joists (usually termite inspectors), then they are able to check.

  • High Moisture in Horse Shoe, NC Crawlspace Leads to CleanSpace Encapsulation
    High Moisture in Horse Shoe, NC Crawlspace Leads to CleanSpace Encapsulation

    Crawlspaces can be a great place for storage, because it is usually just as large as the rest of the house, just a little shorter. However, this space usually cannot be used because of the condition of the crawlspace. While not all crawlspaces have issues with water or moisture, at the very least most have a dirt crawlspace. 

    This homeowner used their crawlspace to store quite a few things. The "before" picture shows off just a few of the things that they had stored under the home. While many of these items wouldn't be affected by a small amount of moisture, the longer the exposure, the more damage can happen. One of the reasons why this homeowner called is because of the water getting into the crawlspace through areas like the corner (behind one of the bikes).

    The next picture shows the crawlspace after our CleanSpace liner was installed. The main material that can be seen is the white CleanSpace liner, but we also installed some clear CleanSpace wall so that any other contractors that may work in the crawlspace are able to see what is behind our liner. There is also a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to monitor and control the humidity. 

  • Zirconia, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation
    Zirconia, NC Crawl Space Encapsulation

    This homeowner gave All-Dry of the Carolinas a call when he noticed that his crawl space seemed "wetter" than it should have been. Unfortunately, when our Service Design Specialist came out, the homeowner was exactly right. The relative humidity level in the crawlspace was much higher than it should have been. In order to fix this, our Specialist suggested CleanSpace liner, as well as a dehumidifier.

    The "before" photo gives a look into what the crawl space looked like before our crew was able to come in and install our products. The crawlspace definitely was not in the best of shape, there was trash and spider webs all over the crawlspace. The fortunate thing for this homeowner was that there was no standing water in the crawlspace, just a high relative humidity.

    The "after" picture shows the same area, but with the CleanSpace installed. This homeowner wanted to make sure they wouldn't have problems with their crawlspace, so they opted to have a full encapsulation, which basically means that everything but the very top of the walls and ceiling was covered with CleanSpace. Doing it like this prevents water or water vapor to get into the crawlspace through the floors and/or wall.

  • Crawlspace in Moore, SC Dealing with Water Intrusion is Encapsulated with CleanSpace Liner
    Crawlspace in Moore, SC Dealing with Water Intrusion is Encapsulated with CleanSpace Liner

    This homeowner was very aware of the dangers that can come from water intrusion under a home. This particular homeowner is a contractor who had used us several times before to waterproof homes that he had worked on before. So when he started to have problems with his own home, he knew exactly who to call. It didn't take much convincing from our System Design Specialist to get this homeowner to agree to get his crawlspace encapsulated.

    The "before" photo shows an area under the home before any work was done in the crawlspace. Sometimes water intrusion and moisture issues in a crawlspace can be very subtle, which was the case for this home. There is not always a small river flowing through the crawlspace or a completely flooded basement. Often, these can cause more damage because they are much less noticeable. 

    The "after" picture tells a much different story even though it is the same place as the first photo. Having the CleanSpace installed completely changes the look of the crawlspace. Not only does it make the area look better but, more importantly, it keeps moisture from getting into the crawlspace. A dehumidifier was also installed to keep the humidity level of the crawlspace under 55%, which is around the level that mold is able to grow. 

  • Basement/Crawlspace Storage Area in Travelers Rest, SC Gets CleanSpace and Dehumidifier
    Basement/Crawlspace Storage Area in Travelers Rest, SC Gets CleanSpace and Dehumidifier

    Most people use the area under their homes as a storage area, weather it be a basement or crawlspace. However, they aren't always the best places to store some things. This homeowner kept a lot of their things in this area, but did not have any real protection against the moisture. This can be a dangerous game to play, especially when there are important items like pictures or documents stored in these areas.

    This homeowner had used another Basement Systems dealer while living in another state, so they knew about the system and how much it would provide them a dry storage solution. The solution proposed to them by one of our Systems Design Specialists, Jonathan Geddie, was a CleanSpace encapsulation, along with drainage matting, and a dehumidifier. This was a pretty simple, but certainly an effective system. 

    The difference between the area before and after encapsulation is pretty significant. Beforehand, it was just an area that was pretty open to moisture and possibly flooding. Afterwards, it was very protected from water and moisture. This homeowner finally has an area where they can store almost anything without having to worry about it being ruined. It also leads to a healthier home! There are no shortage of benefits from a CleanSpace encapsulation!

Steps to Installing A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

  1. Install Airtight Doors & Vent Covers: Sealing your crawl space doors and vents stops the cycle of cold, humidity, and moisture entering from the outside air. However, water can still enter your crawlspace in many ways.
  2. Remove Any Standing Water Sources: The next step is to eliminate any sources of flooding in your crawl space by installing a crawl space drain and sump pump system. This eliminates flooding water from your crawl space, but moisture can still enter directly through the concrete and floor in the form of water vapor.
  3. Repair The Structure: If your crawl space is sagging or damaged by prolonged mold and rot, the next step is to install crawl space support jacks to help restore your structure. This will help your floors stay even and stop any structural sagging upstairs.
  4. Encapsulate & Insulate The Crawl Space: To stop moisture from passing through your floors and porous concrete walls, a crawl space liner should be installed. A durable liner will allow for servicemen to use the space without damage while transforming your crawl space into usable storage space. This is also the best time to install crawl space insulation on your walls or floors.
  5. Install A Dehumidifier: Installing an energy efficient, self-draining crawl space dehumidifier will keep your space dry. Our crawl space dehumidifier system includes a filter that removes particles from the air as small as 2 microns. This ensures that your crawl space is protected from mold, dust mites, and mildew damage -- permanently!

Our crews of crawl space contractors are professionally certified at the Basement Systems® International Headquarters in Seymour, CT.

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