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SuperSump Pump System Installed in Hartwell, GA Basement

Water intrusion in basements is unfortunately something that we see just about every day here at All-Dry of the Carolinas. This can end up doing pretty extensive damage to the home, and the longer a homeowner waits to have the situation assessed and fixed, the more damage can happen. This is unfortunate because many homeowner don't realize that this is an extremely common problem and more than likely it is an ongoing problem, rather than just "every once in awhile". 

This home actually had a good amount of water coming through the basement walls and can be seen in the first photo. There is water coming through the both the basement wall (around the platform) and the joint between the floor and wall of the basement. Since there was so much water coming into the basement, the solution was a little different from our average installation, but was still something that we do frequently!

The second photo shows the same area, but with our system in place to prevent water from staying in the home. Our system is an interior drainage system where the drain is actually in the floor along the wall. This catches the water that comes through the wall and drains it to the sump pump. The SuperSump pump system is an efficient pump system that does not take up very much room. It is able to pump out all of the water, while staying out of the way. Our crew also installed BrightWall on the wall, because it catch any water that comes through the wall and directs it to the WaterGuard.

Out With the Old....In With the New!

This crawlspace went through a huge transformation in just a matter of a few days. The crawlspace started off as a somewhat scary-looking, dark, damp place and ended up looking like a place you may want to stay a few minutes. The owners knew that there was water in the crawlspace, but thought it could be taken care of by just an old sump pump. While this can certainly help, there are a lot of unaddressed issues at hand like; how is the water going to get to the sump pump, what about evaporation?

This is why our system is the best solution for crawlspace waterproofing. It takes all of the concerns and questions that may arise with water and moisture in a crawlspace and addresses them. Our CleanSpace liner helps to separate the crawlspace from the ground in order to keep the majority of the moisture out. Our sump pump has an airtight liner which means that once the water in in the liner it isn't getting out of there unless its through the discharge!

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