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Crawl Space Access & Window Wells in Asheville, Greenville, Spartanburg

old concrete window well of a Spartanburg crawl space

Old-fashioned crawl space access wells are often drafty and leaky, and they can allow pests and animals into your home.

Crawl space access wells are often ugly, unsightly pits that are generally seen as a necessary evil in a home. More often than not, they're made out of concrete, wood, or even metal.

Over time, these wells will begin to fill with leaves, plants, and debris. The wood will rot, the metal will rust, and when it rains or snows, they'll fill with water, flooding the crawl space.

At All-Dry of the Carolinas, we specialize in crawl space repair. We can install covered crawl space access wells that will not allow water to leak into your crawl space and will never rust, rot, or corrode.

Complimentary, on-site consultation and inspection for your home

Contact us today for a free quote on crawl space access wells, and we'll send a specialist to provide a complimentary, on-site consultation and inspection! All-Dry of the Carolinas works in North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia including Spartanburg, Greenville, Asheville, nearby localities such as Lexington, Anderson, Columbia, Hendersonville, Easley, Greenwood, Greer and the surrounding areas.

Before and After
  • CleanSpace job done in East Flat Rock, NC
    CleanSpace job done in East Flat Rock, NC

    Our All-Dry crew was able to install a series of our waterproofing technology that would take care of the water issue in the crawlspace. Our crew installed a CleanSpace liner, sump pump, and dehumidifier. When encapsulating the crawlspace with CleanSpace, it seals the area to keep moisture from creeping up from the ground and causing damage to your foundation.   A dehumidifier was placed in the crawlspace as a solution to the humidity that is produced from the pipes under your house. A SumpPump is to flush out entering water and excess water from the dehumidifier from the crawlspace. Together with all these tools, the crawlspace is completely protected from moisture. They then installed a Everlast door and access well which are pictured below.

  • Waynesville, NC Crawlspace Gets a Fancy New Entrance
    Waynesville, NC Crawlspace Gets a Fancy New Entrance

    One problem that a lot of homes have in common, is the lack of proper crawlspace entrance. Almost all homes that we visit have some kind of entrance or cover, but they usually are not as good as they should be. Many of the doors that we see have holes in them, cracks around the door, and many other issues. The integrity of the door is extremely important to the health of the crawlspace.

    This was the case for this home in Waynesville, North Carolina. As you can see, the yard around the entrance creates a great funnel leading to the entrance. This was a nightmare for the homeowner when it would rain, because the water would just pool around and seep into the crawlspace. This homeowner got more work done inside the crawlspace, which was another reason that this entrance solution was a necessity.

    Our solution was this beautiful crawlspace entrance, it almost looks like something out of a Science-Fiction movie! As you can see, the entrance was attached to the home, and then the area around it was backfilled. This was a great solution to this homeowner's problem of the water pooling around the entrance. This also makes getting into the crawlspace much easier and safer. The most important part of this product is that it keeps water and water vapor from getting into the crawlspace, which will significantly decrease the relative humidity level in the crawlspace.

Covered Crawl Space Entry Well

lockable crawl space access door installed in Spartanburg Turtl system logo

The Turtl™ is a durable plastic crawl space access well that we offer as part of our crawl space vapor barrier system. Providing an airtight cover, it serves as a crawl space access well AND door combined!

Made to replace those old concrete, wooden, or metal crawl space access wells, it's just what you need for a more attractive and long-lasting choice.

"The Turtl™" Specifications

  • Long-Lasting Durability -- The rigid plastic design will hold up to daily wear and tear. Its rigid plastic design ensures that it will never rot, rust, or need paint.
  • Lockable Design -- For increased security and protection, the Turtl™ can be secured shut with a locking device.
  • Three Attractive Colors -- The Turtl™ is available in green, brown, and beige colors.

Crawl Space Access Wells

plastic crawl space access well installed in a Spartanburg crawl space EverLast™ Access Well Logo

The EverLast™ Access Well is our answer to those old, corroded metal window wells and rotted wood entryways that are such eyesores for some homes.

Once installed in your home, it will nicely finish off the outside of your home, complementing the landscaping around your house. A bed of gravel is laid along the bottom of the well, which assists in drainage to help keep out flooding water.

EverLast™ Access Well Specifications

  • Easy access To Crawl Space -- Each unit is 48" wide, allowing for easy access to your crawl space door or entryway.
  • Fully customizable -- The EverLast™ Access Well is fully customizable, allowing for 21", 36 3/8", and 51 3/4" depths.
  • Durability & Long Life -- Our access wells are designed with heavy-gauge, durable polyethylene, which will never rot, corrode, or need paint. Clean stone is poured into the bottom for drainage.


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