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WaterGuard and SuperSump Installed in Columbia, SC Unfinished Basement

Basements, even partially finished ones, need to be protected from water problems. This Columbia, South Carolina basement in particular would experience water trickling into it periodically. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if the owners weren’t using the space for storage, which, of course, they were. The owners wanted a system that would both capture the water and remove it from the space entirely.

The perfect solution was to install our patented SuperSump pump and WaterGuard drain system. The WaterGuard collects the water out of sight and then deposits it into the SuperSump pump. Both systems are installed below the floor and then covered with cement. Only the lid and the pipes are visible on the SuperSump.

The installation of these products will insure that the basement no longer suffers from leaking water.

Columbia, SC Homeowner Has New Waterproofing System and SuperSump Installed in Basement

Sump pumps are an important part of the majority of the systems that we install. Sump pumps are important because they are how the water actually gets pumped outside and away from the home. There are several different ways to install sump pumps, but we find that the sump systems that we use are the best!

The first photo shows off the sump pump set-up that the homeowner had before our company had come out. While they were definitely ahead of the game by actually having a sump pump, there were still many things that needed to be improved upon. Having an open sump liner allows for moisture to escape and get back into the basement. 

The "after" photo shows our SuperSump pump system with our UltraSump Battery back-up. Our sump system includes an airtight lid with a WaterWatch Alarm, which helps to alert the homeowner if the pumps are not turning on or if there is water on top of the lid. This homeowner also decided to have an UltraSump installed, which provides a battery back-up in case of a power outage. They loved their new sump system and basement waterproofing! 

Old Sump Pump vs. New SuperSump Installed in Columbia, SC Basement

This basement was in pretty rough shape overall, but their sump pump definitely needed an upgrade. This is a pretty traditional, although outdated, way to install a sump pump inside a home. The first photo is, of course, the old sump pump that was in the home before we were able to come in and upgrade the system. The second photo shows the sump pump installation in progress.

This is an open-air container that hopes to collect any water that flows down to it, but has no real drainage to it. Once the water gets to a certain level, the pump turns on and removes the water. However, while waiting for the water to get to that level, the water is evaporating and getting into the air, and eventually will start to get into the drywall and anything else that is porous. This is extremely unhealthy, which was why the homeowner decided to go with our new SuperSump pump system.

The new sump pump is much better and more effective than the owner's old one. First off, it is completely sealed, meaning that once the water is inside the sump basin, it won't be evaporating into the basement. Another extremely important factor is that there is drainage that runs to the sump pump. Rather than just sit in the room, letting water slowly drain over the floor, the sump is connecting to WaterGuard which goes around the perimeter of the basement. This means that the water is not even getting a chance to be in the basement, it is immediately being picked up by the WaterGuard to drained down to the sump pump.

Old Sump Pump in Columbia, SC Basement Replaced with TripleSafe Sump System

Sump pumps aren't anything new and have been around for awhile. They are a great tool in order to pump water out of the home and helps to prevent flooding. However, traditional sump pumps aren't really the best equipped for basement waterproofing (at least not without a little help). Digging a hole in the ground and placing a sump pump in it may help to prevent a basement from completely flooding, but it won't solve moisture and humidity issues.

This was the case in this particular home, the owner knew they had water intrusion so a sump pump was installed almost exactly as described above. This is not a great solution because it leaves the area open, which allows moisture to get back into the basement. It also doesn't prevent anything from getting into the sump hole. This can lead to blockages and more wear and tear on the pump itself.

The sump system that we installed was a TripleSafe, with a total of three pumps. One of the biggest benefits of this system is the liner that the pumps sit in, it has holes that allow water to flow in from below, but has an airtight lid so that none of the moisture can get back into the basement. Two of the three pumps are plugged in as normal, however there is a third pump that runs off of the battery that can be seen in the photo. This system can handle several thousands of gallons per hour, so it should have no problem dealing with a wet basement!

Home with Severe Water Intrusion in Columbia, SC Basement Has NewTripleSafe Sump Pump Installed

When it comes to water and basements, the best thing to do is to try to keep the water out. However, this is extremely difficult to do since much of the water gets in by soaking through the basement walls from the soil outside the home. There are certain things to do outside the home that can help, but usually don't solve the problem completely. The next most important step to take is to have something on the inside of the home that can catch the water and get it back outside of the home.

This homeowner was already on the right track by having a sump pump installed. However, the current sump pump that was in the basement was is definitely not recommended. This sump pump is essentially a pump stuck in a hole that was cut in the basement floor. There are two big issues with having a sump pump like this. The first is that because it is essentially just sitting in mud, the pump can easily be clogged up and stop working. The other issue is that because it is open at the top, moisture is still able to get into the basement. 

The homeowner's new sump pump, the TripleSafe is a much better solution. While this photo was taken while the crew was still installing the system, the new pump system can be seen. The TripleSafe has a line that keeps all of the pumps contained and off of the dirt floor, while still allowing water to get to the pumps. It has a total of 3 pumps that can pump well over 6,000 gallons of water per hour. After the crew finished with this project, this basement floor looked almost brand new, with all of the excess dirt/gravel/concrete removed and new concrete poured around the TripleSafe and WaterGuard that was also installed. 

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