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Foundation Repair in Murphy, NC

This homeowner was worried that part of their home wasn't being supported how it should be, unfortunately, they were right about that. When our Service Design Specialist Stuart went out to his home, he saw that the home's foundation was starting to crack under the pressure of the extended part of the home. The extra part was only held up by a few thick, wooden beams.

The "before" picture shows what the area looked like before our crew was able to get out to the home and do any work. While it is difficult to actually notice any sagging or other problems in this photo, there are a few places where the wooden posts can be seen through the lattice. While these posts may have worked for awhile, it was only a matter of time before the ground started to shift and these posts caused more problems than they solved.

The "after" photo shows the same area but with the five SmartJacks installed in order to support this part of the home. These SmartJacks were able to provide ample support to this overhanging part of the home. A large part of this job that isn't really seen at all is what we call "supplemental beam", which is basically an extra beam that gives the SmartJacks a connected area in order to disperse the weight evenly between all five SmartJacks.

Huge Crack in Murphy, NC Basement Corrected with Push Piers

Foundation repair is an extremely common problem that we get called out for. However, this homeowner had a crack in their basement wall that was one of the bigger ones that we had seen in awhile. It was impressive that the crack in the wall was able to get as big as this before the homeowner gave us a call to come out and look at their basement. This crack was easily 1-2 inches wide, if not more.

The "before" photo shows what the crack in the wall looked like before any work was done on the basement. As you can see, this crack is very wide, much wider than the rest of the cracks in this basement, and many other homes that we have installed push piers on. Again, the fact the homeowner allowed the crack to get this large is incredible. However, the more impressive thing was how well the push piers brought the crack back together.

The "after" photo is almost unbelievable compared to the before. The push piers did an incredible job on bringing the wall back together. They were able to take a crack with at least a one-to-two inch gap all the way up and reduce the gap to almost nothing. After the two sides of this rift were pushed close to each other, our crew went back and resealed the crack, which will look almost just like the wall when it dries out.

Basement Waterproofing in Robbinsville, NC

The church needed some help with their basement kitchen area. They were having water intrusion in the basement of one of the church's buildings and wanted it taken care of so they didn't have to worry about any problems stemming from the water such as mold or mildew. We were able to send out a Systems Design Specialist out to help find the perfect solution for them, and he came up with a great solution that was affordable and helpful for the customer.

The "before" photo shows what the area looked like before/during installation. The only work that had really been done in this area was to remove part of the drywall in order to install one of our products. There are areas of the wall where you can actually see where water has come through, mainly by towards the end of the wall where the darker areas are.

The "after" picture shows the installation of almost all of the products that we put in this basement (minus the sump pump). The white liner that is on the wall is actually our CleanSpace Wall, which helps to push the water into the WaterGuard drain. The WaterGuard drain is under the drying (but still wet) concrete against the wall. The WaterGuard helps to drain any water that collects in it, to the SuperSump pump.

Soaked Crawlspace in Brasstown, NC Gets a Full CleanSpace Encapsulation

This homeowner had some pretty severe water intrusion in their crawlspace, enough that mold was just begging to start growing. The homeowner had actually had us help with a similar problem in a previous home, so they knew exactly who to call and knew the system would take care of their problems. The Systems Design Specialist proposed that the homeowner go with a CleanSpace Encapsulation, along with drainage matting, 3-inch drain tile, and a SuperSump pump.

The "before" picture shows part of the crawlspace when our Specialist went out to the home. The water intrusion was definitely worse along the sides of the home, as shown in this picture. As you can see, the area up along the wall is much darker, mainly because of the amount of water in the soil.

However, the "after" picture shows a much different story. As you can see, this entire area was covered in CleanSpace liner, from the floor to the walls. The more area that we are able to cover, the less moisture is able to get in, which is one of the main reasons why we like to go as far up the wall as we can. Some homeowners go with only a foot or two up the wall, but we suggest having the entire wall covered to prevent moisture from getting into the crawlspace.

Damp Bryson City, NC Crawlspace with Sagging Floors Has CleanSpace Encapsulation with SmartJacks Installed

Many times we have homeowners call in for a specific problem that they are dealing with in their basement or crawlspace. This problem is often about water getting into these areas, high moisture levels, or something similar to that. However upon further inspection our System Design Specialist noticed that parts of the home were sagging, which was being caused by poor support in the crawlspace. Our Design Specialist knew that we could handle the issues and offered a proposal to take care of both. 

The first picture shows off what the crawlspace looked like when our Specialist first went out to the home to help this homeowner with the high humidity levels. The crawlspace doesn't look too bad, but it definitely had some problems. It can sometimes be difficult to see high moisture levels, which is one reason they can go unnoticed. However, the girder was only held up by some cinder blocks and a few flimsy jacks, which is where the sagging floor was coming from. 

The after picture shows the same area, but with a much different look. The most obvious part is the CleanSpace that was installed in order to keep the water out of the crawlspace. It completely covers the floor and the majority of the walls in the crawlspace. The dehumidifier that was installed can also e seen on the right hand side of the photo. The dehumidifier helps to ensure that the humidity level of the crawlspace stays below the point where mold can grow. The crew also installed our SmartJacks and a new girder in order to provide the proper support for the home.

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