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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Reverse Wall Anchors Used to Repair a Greenville, SC Driveway

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 by Braden Cook


Bowing and cracked walls are nothing new to anyone here at All-Dry. We deal with wall bowing and repair on a pretty regular basis. One thing that we do pretty often here at All-Dry is wall anchors. However, something that we don't do nearly as often is reverse wall anchors. This is what our Service Design Specialist suggested to do for this home's driveway/retaining wall. While we aren't a driveway repair company at our core, we do have the skills and products to fix some driveways, this one especially.

Another challenge of this project is repairing the cracks in the driveway. As I mentioned before, All-Dry does not typically take on driveway repair jobs or projects very often. Luckily for us, our crews are great at installing effective wall anchors, and our friends at Foundation Supportworks have a great product called Nexus Pro, that does exactly what we needed for these large cracks in the driveway.


While it took a lot of work and time to get this driveway back together, we got it done! Even a little out of our comfort zone, we took care of this homeowner's request without too much trouble. We started with sending our Service Design Specialist, Jonathan Geddie out to see what we could do for this family. Jonathan, having a lot of experience with wall anchors, made sure the reverse wall anchors were possible to do. He suggested this option to the homeowner, who took Jonathan's advice and moved along with the installation process.

Francisco and his crew went to this home to take care of the job. Francisco and his crew are experts with our foundation repair products. They know and where trained on how to install reverse wall anchors. The crew had a dozen wall anchors to install between the two sides of the driveway, which means they had to measure out and cut out 12 separate sections of concrete to install each plate.

After Francisco and his crew cut out and installed each plate, they needed to tighten the wall anchors so that the wall wouldn't bow out any further and stay in place. Once the wall anchors were in place, the crew worked on the cracks in the driveway. As mentioned earlier, Foundation Supportworks Nexus Pro sealant was a perfect fit to seal these cracks. This sealant is great for outside cracks because of its flexibility and ability to withstand temperature changes and harsh weather.

This was a fun and interesting project for everyone here at All-Dry. Our crew was able to get practice doing something that we don't usually get to do, and we all got to see how this new product works!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: All-Dry of the Carolinas

Systems Design Specialist: Jonathan Geddie

Project Foreman: Francisco Gamez

Products Installed: Wall Anchors, Handrail Base, and Nexus Pro Sealant

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