Case Studies

Foundation Repair Case Studies

Lake Lure, North Carolina Foundation Repair Using Push Piers
Something that we see a lot in homes that we visit are cracks on the exterior of the home. Almost all of the homes that we visit for cracks around the home have to deal with...
SmartJacks in Inman, SC crawlspace
Foundation issues are a problem that should never be put on hold. As much as we want it to be able to stop, the problem will grow and become worse as time passes. This Inman,...
PowerBrace System and WaterGuard Drain Installed in Hendersonville, NC Base...
Combination projects are always a little more interesting than others because we have to make sure that both problems are solved and the solutions work together seamlessly....
This home in Hendersonville, NC had moisture building up in the crawl space. Although the homeowners had installed a plastic vapor barrio, they were unable to tackle the moisture...
Bowing Walls Corrected in Candler, North Carolina
Bowing walls in a home can be a very serious issue and if left completely unchecked can lead to a cave-in of the basement walls. Fortunately for this homeowner, they caught...
Foundation Repair on a Customer's Home in Greer, SC
Unfortunately for many homeowners, foundations will settle over time. Some homes will hardly settle, leaving behind minimal or no damage at all. However, some homes will not...
Basement Foundation Repair in Marietta, SC
We install a lot of Wall Anchors in this business, but this may have been the most significant damage that we've seen from walls bowing inward. This homeowner had waited quite...
Reverse Wall Anchors Used to Repair a Greenville, SC Driveway
Bowing and cracked walls are nothing new to anyone here at All-Dry. We deal with wall bowing and repair on a pretty regular basis. One thing that we do pretty often here at...
Foundation Repair in Makes Simpsonville, SC Become Whole Again
The way that homes are constructed leave a lot of things unknown. One of these things includes foundation settling. Settling foundation is nothing new to us at All-Dry and...
Huge Foundation Repair Project on Columbia, SC
This is one of the larger foundation repair jobs that we have taken here at All-Dry of the Carolinas, and surprisingly it was not on a commercial project! We had a customer...
Salem, SC Crawlspace Needed Push Piers and CleanSpace Encapsulation for Out...
Foundation issues are not picky and can affect just about any home, anywhere. There are certainly some factors that can make a home more succeptible to foundation issues,...
Foundation Wall Repair in Highlands, NC
This home had a foundation wall that turned into more of a retaining wall, that was separating from the rest of the foundation. This was a serious issue that the homeowner...
Separating Chimney Corrected with Push Piers in Calhoun Falls, SC
An extremely common foundation issue that happens is settlement. A lot of the settlement houses that we work with have to do with the foundation of the home and its settlement....
Major Foundation Issues in Murphy, North Carolina Basement Corrected with P...
We have been able to see thousands of homes in the past 26 years with foundation problems, some were not that bad, and some were pretty severe. Unfortunately for this homeowner,...
Wall Anchor Installation on Demorest, Georgia Home to Repair Indoor and Out...
As far as foundation repair solutions go, wall anchors tend to be one of our more popular options, especially for bowing basement walls and retaining walls (like the one seen...
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