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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Bowing Walls Corrected in Candler, North Carolina

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 by Braden Cook


Bowing walls in a home can be a very serious issue and if left completely unchecked can lead to a cave-in of the basement walls. Fortunately for this homeowner, they caught the problem sooner rather than later. This homeowner noticed several cracks in the walls, which is one of the early signs of bowing walls. These cracks can happen almost any direction, but the ones that the homeowner noticed were long, lateral cracks across the basement wall.

The biggest challenge in repairing bowing walls is to find a solution that best solves the problem, and for some basement/crawlspace contractors and companies, this can be difficult. However, at All-Dry of the Carolinas, we have one of the best solutions to bowing walls: CarbonArmor Fabric. CarbonArmor Fabric was created by Foundation Supportworks and is a great, low-profile fix for walls that have started to bow.


More often than not, All-Dry will install wall anchors in order to correct bowing walls, but this home was different. The walls on this home had begun to bow, but were not all that bad upon initial inspection. The CarbonArmor is extremely strong and works great, especially when the walls are not bowed out too much. So our service design specialist suggested the CarbonArmor strips rather than the wall anchors. The CarbonArmor is also very low profile  and can easily be painted over.

In total twenty-four CarbonArmor Fabric strips were installed on the four basement walls. The strips were placed an equal distance apart on each wall. This is so that there is a equal pressure on each strip. Although there is a very low chance of failure anyways, having an equal, constant pressure throughout the walls only helps the CarbonArmor Strips and makes them stronger. This homeowner will never have to worry about repairing their basement walls ever again. They can even have a finished basement done without too much hassle, thanks to the CarbonArmor Fabric strips and our awesome crew!

There is a photo gallery linked below that shows off even more of the installation of the CarbonArmor!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: All-Dry of the Carolinas

Systems Design Specialist: Mike Lee

Project Foreman: Francisco Gamez

Products Installed: CarbonArmor Fabric

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