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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Foundation Repair in Makes Simpsonville, SC Become Whole Again

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 by Braden Cook


The way that homes are constructed leave a lot of things unknown. One of these things includes foundation settling. Settling foundation is nothing new to us at All-Dry and probably nothing new to many of you. A lot of people hear about it, but never believe that it could happen to them. Unfortunately, foundation settlement and ultimately foundation repair can happen to almost anyone.

The challenge in almost every foundation repair project or job is the correct placement of push piers. Our Service Design Specialists and our crew members are experts in this, so they collaborate to make sure that the push piers are put in locations where they are utilized to the best of the abilities. Fortunately for this homeowner, these cracks were all on the same wall of the home.


Upon initial inspection of this home our Service Design Specialist, Alex Rogers suggested to the homeowner to have five push piers installed on the same wall and on the adjacent wall. Since the cracks were all on one of the walls, three push piers were installed there and two were installed on the adjacent wall. The reason for this is for support. The main wall (with all of the cracks) is raised by the "majority" of the push piers and put in a more level position. The other two push piers also help to raise the home, while providing support so that no further damage is done to either wall.

As previously mentioned, the Service Design Specialist and the crew members work together to place the push piers in just the right location. The benefit to having push piers supporting and holding up part of your home is the "foundation" it provides. The reason homes need foundation repair is almost always because of the soil/dirt/clay that the home is built on. Often it is soft, pliable, and does not provide as much support as a home really needs. Push piers are driven deep into the ground to bedrock or another stable layer of dirt in order to provide real support. This way, you do not have to worry about any future foundation problems.

Check out more pictures from this job below!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: All-Dry of the Carolinas

Systems Design Specialist: Alex Rogers

Project Foreman: Francisco Gamez

Products Installed: Push Pier (5)

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