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WaterGuard installation in Greenville, SC

Water was getting into the basement in Greenville, SC by dripping down the walls and puddling in the floor. To solve this problem our All-Dry of the Carolinas team installed WaterGuard. WaterGuard was added around the perimeter of this basement, it intercepts the water and drains it unseen and safely into the SuperSump Pump where it is then flushed from the basement. WaterGuard is different because it is designed to not sit in dirt like most draining systems do. There is a special wall flange that creates space between the floor and wall allowing wall seepage to drain through the WaterGuard while keeping it away from the dirt. Since this type of drainage is separated from dirt, the chances of it clogging are nearly impossible! The WaterGuard directs the water to the SuperSump Pump where it is then flushed from the basement outside to the LawnScape outlet. All resulting in a dry basement!


In the “before” picture you see the basement floor before the WaterGuard is installed. WaterGuard is installed by digging a trench around the perimeter of the basement. Water is then flushed into the trench to test if water will flow smoothly downwards towards the SuperSump Pump. If the water puddles instead of draining, the trench will be deepened to allow the water to flow. Weep holes are drilled into the base of the wall so that water can flow from the base of the wall into the WaterGuard instead of building up and seeping down the walls. From there the WaterGuard is placed into the trench where it is covered with concrete that makes the system invisible. The “after” pictures shows the finished look once the system is installed.

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