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Total Encapsulation of Blacksburg, SC crawlspace

When it comes to your crawlspace, protecting it from water build up is very important. This crawlspace in Blacksburg, SC was experiencing water puddling around the perimeter causing high levels of moisture. When water puddles in the crawlspace is can cause damage to the foundation, ruin insulation, and mold, mildew, and decay.

In this specific case, the puddling water had caused mold to begin to grow around the crawlspace. To fix this issue our All-Dry of the Carolinas team used Mold-X Cleaner was cleaning the contaminated mold surfaces in the crawlspace. Mold-X’s purpose is to remove and reduce staining from mold, mildew, dirt, soil, and other organic debris from surface areas in the crawlspace. Our team then placed CleanSpace in the crawlspace, wrapping it around the walls, floor, and piers. CleanSpace is a 20 mil tick liner that is laid across the crawlspace floor and wrapped around walls and piers. This liner works as a barrier to keep moister that is produced from the ground out of the crawlspace. In addition to the CleanSpace a SuperSump was added to the crawlspace as a way of pushing excess water that enters from outside. The SuperSump works in coordination with the Aprilaire, a dehumidifier which is used to collect extra moister that is produced under your home. The moister collected from the dehumidifier is then drained into a condensate pump which then pumps the water from the crawlspace. With all of these products All-Dry of the Carolinas was able to completely waterproof this crawlspace!

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