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Crawlspace in Ridgeway, SC Has SmartSump and CleanSpace Installed

Open sump holes were common for a long time. Not having a top or a lid made accessing the pump that much easier. The problem with an open sump hole is that the water inside of it evaporates into the air. This erases all hopes of a dry crawlspace.

That is the dilemma this Ridgeway, South Carolina crawlspace faced when they call us at All-Dry of the Carolinas. The first issue, besides the exposed sump hole, is the lack of coverage. There is no proper barrier protecting the house from the ground. Of course, there is a loose plastic sheet, but, without it being secured, it provides no protection from water vapor.

Again, if we focus on the sump hole, we see just how awful it is. In addition to being an eyesore, there is a deep trench surrounding it that—one would thing—would make it difficult for the water to reach it. Either way, the solution is to provide both a sturdy barrier and an operational sump pump. We have that here in the form of CleanSpace and a SmartSump.

The SmartSump, unlike its predecessor, comes equipped with a lid and WaterWatch Alarm. The Alarm is used to alert you, if your basement has flooded. The lid itself insures that no water vapor escapes into the space and adds to the moisture level. The CleanSpace is that barrier we mentioned. It is the perfect gate keeper to prevent water vapor and other natural gases from entering your home.

The difference between the two is stark when you consider them. I know our clients, the owners of this home, were more than happy to see a big change take place.

To make a difference in your crawlspace, please reach out to us at All-Dry of the Carolinas.

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