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Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: CleanSpace Magic in Arden

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Here at All-Dry of the Carolinas, we cannot speak enough about how great of a product CleanSpace is! It’s durable, reliable, and very convenient. Crawl spaces of all shapes and sizes are able to be fitted with CleanSpace to encapsulate the space. No matter what type of issues that you are having in the crawl space, if it involves moisture, us at All-Dry of the Carolinas are able to handle it.

            In most crawl space situations, moisture invades the air from the ground. Crawl spaces are usually victim of dampness and ground water due to hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is when ground water is forced down by gravity until it is stopped by some type of force, which in these cases is a basement or crawl space wall. The water is then forced against this object until it forces its way through or around. When water begins coming into your home from underground, it is typically a result of this pressure.

            It is almost impossible to completely stop this amount of water intrusion, but there are ways to prepare for it so it doesn’t affect your home. This home in Arden, NC was experiencing ground moisture due to hydrostatic pressure. The homeowners called us at All-Dry of the Carolinas to help them with their problem so we send out our design specialist, David Listovitch, to give the space a look.

            David noticed large amount of moisture in the crawl space that was affecting the home. To stop this issue, David recommended CleanSpace to keep the moisture from getting into the air. This is where the magic of CleanSpace comes in handy. This crawl space was oddly shaped, yet CleanSpace was able to wrap around all the walls, floors, and piers.

            In the pictures you can see how this product is very convenient in waterproofing crawl spaces and preventing ground moisture from damaging the house. Along with CleanSpace, this crawl space was equipped with a SmartSump pump and dehumidifier to protect the home from high moisture levels.

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