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Sump Pumps Photo Album: SuperSump and UltraSump is the Perfect Solution for a Wet Crawlspace in Batesburg, SC

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Owners of this Batesburg, South Carolina home were experiencing an immense amount of water issues when they reached out to All-Dry of the Carolinas. During heavy rains, water would always find its way into the crawlspace. Of course, this water would make the rest of the home simply unbearable. The water present would increase the humidity in the crawlspace which would make its way into the rest of the home. The home would exhibit sticking doors and buckling floors. And the threat of mold always hung in the air. Something needed to be done.

When they finally made the call, they came to us wanting French drains installed. After our Design Specialist delivered a free estimate, he had a much clearer picture. He suggested the install of two sump pumps to pump the water out of the crawlspace. One was an UltraSump and another was our patented SuperSump pump. The UltraSump is the back-up pump to the SuperSump in case of failure. The UltraSump includes a second DC operated pump, a second automatic switching system, a “smart” charging system, and a high quality battery. He also included the installation of Drain Tile, which are essentially large pipes that connect our pumps to the LawnScape well. Last but not least, we replaced their old crawlspace door with one of our own. The patented EverLast Door is designed to completely seal a crawlspace off from the outside. It’s plastic and so it won’t be affected by the earth or weather. Honestly, it’s one of our more perfect solutions. However, all of these products combined offer the best waterproofing solution for this home.

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