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All-Dry of the Carolinas Case Studies: Total Encapsulation in Hendersonville, NC

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 by Abby Baldwin


This homeowner in Hendersonville, NC reached out to us at All-Dry of the Carolinas to get a free estimate to get her crawl space encapsulated. We sent our design specialist David Listovitch out to the home where he told her the options of different crawl space waterproofing methods. This homeowner decided to go with CleanSpace which is our encapsulation liner to help control the moisture that was getting under her home. This home owner knew that moisture under the home could lead to foundation issues, floor problems, mold, and pest, so she took the proactive measures to have her home protected before something happen.


The crawl space was cleaned and any debris and old insulation was removed by our All-Dry crew before they began to place in the waterproofing products. CleanSpace was then placed on the floors, walls, and wrapped around any piers in the area. CleanSpace is a 20-mil-thick liner that is designed to keep ground water or moisture from getting into the air. This liner is white, which also makes the crawl space bright and clean, and also makes it easy to notice if any pest or mold begins to take up a home in the crawl space.

 A TripleSafe sump pump was added to the crawl space as well, to flush any water that comes in from the crawl space. The TripleSafe liner is one of the best sump pumps on the line. It consists of two pumps that work together to flush out any and all water. Typically only one of the pumps will run, although if the first pump fails or is unable to keep up with the intake of water the second pump will kick in to out help out. In the case of a power outage, the TripleSafe pump also has an UltraSump installed in it. The UltraSump is a battery backup pump that turns on when power is lost to the main pump.

An Aprilaire dehumidifier was placed into the crawl space to keep excess moisture that is produced under the home from lingering around. The moisture is removed from the air and then drained into the sump pump where the water is then flushed from the crawl space.

To finish off the encapsulation of this crawl space our crew installed interior seal vents and an Everlast door. These products are used to give the crawl space an airtight seal so that no outside air enters under the house. Keeping outside air from entering the crawl space will help keep moisture levels down and with the help of the encapsulation and dehumidifier, there will hardly be any moisture. The crawl space was completely waterproofed by our All-Dry crew within two days by our crew led by crew foreman Ray Petry.


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