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All-Dry of the Carolinas Case Studies: Arden, NC Experiences Moisture Issues and Needs CleanSpace and Ultra Sump

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 by Shawn Anderson


This customer in Arden, North Carolina had a sump pump installed into her crawlspace, but she was still experiencing water issues. When our Design Specialist, David Listovitch, got over to the home, he immediately checked the humidity levels within the space. They, of course, revealed that the homeowner's crawlspace was way above the reasonable humidity level in a crawlspace. David also found efflorescence, or dried water, decorated all over the wooden beams that supported the crawlspace ceiling. And that was an issue because letting water get to those beams is like saying you no longer want that support. Water, over time, can cause an innumerable amount of damage to wood, rendering it almost completely useless. Moreover, as the customer said, there were random puddles of brown water dotted all over the crawlspace plastic liner. In additional to being unsightly, this water revealed that the homeowner's pump and "sealed" plastic was no longer doing its job. There were several pockets along the "sealed" plastic liner that not only allowed water through but dirt as well. The issue is that the person who installed this liner used a tape to secure it to the walls. Not only that, but the liner was thin so almost anything could puncture it.


So, to handle this problem, David had to perscribe a small assortment of products to not only replace what had already been installed, but to also add extra coverage.  To start, we installed CleanSpace liner and CleanSpace Wall. This is a 20 mils plastic liner that is coated with a cross-hatching of corded material to prevent it from ripping. We used this along the walls and floor of the crawlspace and sealed it using a variety of methods including specialised tapes and sealants. The top edge around the walls is sealed with urethane caulk. Another added bonus of using the CleanSpace is that you can also use it for storage which most people wouldn't even consider with a dirt crawlspace. 

To dry the air, we installed one of our dehumidifiers and elevated it from the floor.

We also installed an UltraSump with a WaterWatch Alarm system to alert the homeowner if water rises above the point where the pump should turn on. The space is now completely protected and it looks twenty times better than it did.

Project Summary

Design Specialist: David Listovitch

CleanSpace Liner: CleanSpace Wall

Ultra Sump Pump: WaterWatch Alarm

Dehumidifier: Sedona

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