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All-Dry of the Carolinas Case Studies: Severe Water Intrusion in Greenville, SC Crawlspace Leads to CleanSpace Encapsulation

Friday, August 3rd, 2018 by Braden Cook


Crawlspaces usually get a pretty bad rap because they don't seem like the cleanest or most appealing part of a home. This also leads to them not being visited or checked up on often. Unfortunately, this was the case for this particular homeowner in Greenville, South Carolina. They had not been down to their crawlspace in quite a while, but luckily had a pest control company come out to their home, who noticed excessive moisture in the crawlspace of the home and notified the homeowners. While the technician knew there were issues under the home, he wasn't aware of how serious the issues actually were. The homeowner did some research online and found that All-Dry of the Carolinas did just the type of work that they were looking for. 

The crawlspace was facing a few different problems, mainly coming from the water intrusion into the crawlspace. The water intrusion caused the majority of the crawlspace floor to be quite saturated. There was enough moisture in the crawlspace that the insulation had started to fall and mold was already growing on the floor joists of the crawlspace. The homeowner knew that they had to get the crawlspace taken care of especially because of all of the health problems that can come along with the presence of mold. The biggest thing for the homeowner was just to ensure that they were in as healthy of a home as possible, and the CleanSpace Encapsulation was the best way to help with this. 


This homeowner was impressed with the products and system that was presented to them by our System Design Specialist. Our systems are simple to understand and extremely effective once installed. The online research that they did combined with our Specialist's presentation really convinced the homeowner that our system was the one that needed to be installed in the crawlspace of their home. Our Specialist recommended that they go with a full encapsulation system to really protect the crawlspace. This system mainly consists of CleanSpace liner, a sump pump, and a dehumidifier, as well as a few other products. Specifically, the products that were installed were CleanSpace, 3-inch drain tile, Mold-X, a SuperSump pump, and a dehumidifier. 

The installation process went smoothly with the crew having very few problems during the four days that we were at the home. One of the biggest jobs for the crew was removing all of the insulation that was soaked with water and mold. This was necessary because it got rid of the majority of the mold that was in the crawlspace and took the mold's "home" away. After this was done, a trench was dug out around the perimeter of the crawlspace for the 3-inch drain tile. Next came the CleanSpace Liner which is what really sets this system apart from others. CleanSpace is much thicker than most liners that can be bought, but more importantly our crews are experts and have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of CleanSpace. Last, but certainly not least was the installation of the dehumidifier to catch and remove any moisture that the CleanSpace didn't keep out. 

The homeowner was completely surprised when they saw the crawlspace after our crew had finished the project. They knew that the water intrusion issues were finally taken care of and they no longer had to worry about that part of their home any longer. 

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: All-Dry of the Carolinas

Systems Design Specialist: Jonathan Geddie

Project Foreman: Sammy Ruiz

Products Installed: 3-Inch Drain Tile, Mold-X, SuperSump Pump System, CleanSpace, and a dehumidifier

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