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All-Dry of the Carolinas Case Studies: Basement Waterproofing and Downspout Extensions in Spartanburg, SC Basement

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 by Braden Cook


Getting the water away from the home. This is always the challenge that we have here at All-Dry, but thankfully we have enough experience with this that we've got the whole "water away from house" thing nailed down! The issue with this home was that a lot of water was pooling around the outside of the home during rains, which meant most of this water was just soaking through the walls and creating havoc in basement of this home. This first couple pictures show just how bad the damage was that was caused by all of this water coming in.

The biggest challenge with this project was just the amount of damage that had already been done to the basement. This was especially crucial during the inspection, because our Specialist wanted to make sure that every part of the home was looked at, so that nothing was missed. Fortunately all of our Specialists are extremely well-trained and know exactly what to look for in situations like these. Our Specialist took his time inspecting the home and considering a plan that would keep this basement from being destroyed by water again. Overall this was a very interesting project to work on and come up with a solution to. Downspout extensions are not something that we do all the time, but they were certainly necessary for this job.


Our solution had to be perfect so that this family could enjoy their whole home without worry of flooding or more damage. Since this was much further along than most of the basements that we deal with, our Specialist made sure to take the proper precautions in the products he recommended to keep this basement from flooding ever again. In the end our Specialist ended up recommending CleanSpace Liner, Downspout extensions, WaterGuard, and a TripleSafe Sump Pump.

As per the usual, the crew started the job by cleaning out all of the debris that was in the basement, like broken concrete and anything else that may have been left in the basement. After this was done, the crew put in the TripleSafe sump pump system which is the best sump pump we offer. It has three separate pumps, with one of the pumps running off of DC power from a battery back-up. Then we got to move onto some of the real fun, installed the WaterGuard drain and CleanSpace Liner. For the Waterguard to be installed, the concrete around the perimeter of the of the room. Once the WaterGuard was put in, the crew installed the CleanSpace Liner to catch any water that came through the basement walls, so that it would drain to the WaterGuard and then the sump pump. The last thing that we did inside the home was to put in some beautiful flooring. Our crew installed ThermalDry Flooring, which come in large squares that all fit together. The "tiles" are covered in carpet, but are raised off of the cold basement floor so that water vapor won't get trapped under/in the carpet. 

While that was it for the inside of the home, we still had to deal with the main issue of keeping as much water away from the home as possible. The crew did this mainly through downspout extensions and drains, which are featured in several of the photos along the right side of this page. All of the gutters around the home were outfitted with with these extensions, some of them running underground, while some just ran along the side of the home. While this may not seem like that big of a deal, keeping the water away from the home means that there is less water trying to push its way into the home, and any water that does make it through will be taken care of by the indoor system.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: All-Dry of the Carolinas

Systems Design Specialist: Alex Rogers

Project Foreman: Francisco Gamez

Products Installed: CleanSpace Liner, SilverGlo Insulation, Downspout Extension, WaterGuard, and a TripleSafe Sump Pump

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