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How To Keep My Basement Dry

Monday, November 8th, 2010 by Samantha Walton

Many homeowners dread the prospect of a wet basement, which is why the buying and selling process is sometimes made all the more strenuous. No one wants to buy a home with a wet basement or one that has had previous water damage-- because who's to say the damage has been corrected? Also, how can a homeowner sell a home knowing there has been water issues in the basement?

It's a stressful whirlwind and it can all be avoided by adhering to the simplest ways of keeping your basement dry.

heck For Surface ProblemsCheck For Surface Problems

The basement can be influenced by the rest of the home. For example, a malfunctioning gutter system-- one that's clogged-- will cause water to run over the gutter and along the side of the home. Then the water will collect along the home's foundation. The water will then seep into the soil and rise beneath the basement. When the rain pours, your basement will flood.

In addition to the gutter and downspout issues, there are a couple of other surface factors that can influence the water that enters into your basement. For example, if your driveway or yard is sloped, then the water will be directed toward your home's foundation where the water is sure to find a way into the basement-- unless there's a proper waterproofing system.

Subsurface Groundwater Issues

Once you've searched and found no sign of surface issues leading to your basement water dilemma, then it's time to search beneath the surface and maybe research some things you may not even be able to see.

When the water beneath the ground rises due to high rainfall, it will enter your basement any way that it can. So, if there are any cracks, holes or other routes open to the water-- it will take full advantage!

In addition, hydrostatic pressure will take the water buildup from either the surface or subsurface issues and apply high pressure to the basement walls. Then the cracks will open and the water will enter.

The External Drainage System

An external drainage system can actually cause problems of its own. This system is intended to prevent water from entering the basement, when in actuality its design causes water to buildup.

A disposal pipe is put beneath the ground and leads toward a well, which will need to be dug away from the home. Unfortunately, the well can overflow with water and the drain can sometimes clog. The drain will clog when the soil around the foundation absorbs too much water. The soil is so loose after the system is installed that this over absorption is quite common.

The Internal Drainage System

When a basement needs a waterproofing system, it needs more than just dry walls. This is said because some external systems actually utilize a tar or waterproof coating on the walls, whereas an internal system prevents the water from penetrating and building up along the walls. The best part is-- the internal system prevents high hydrostatic pressure, whereas the external system induces high levels of pressure.

Through the internal system's key feature, the water is directed from the wall-floor joint away from the foundation. This wall-floor joint is, after all, where water tends to connect.

Not only does this internal system stay clog-free, it also prevents hydrostatic pressure that cracks and buckles your basement walls.

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