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A Full CleanSpace Encapsulation is like a......Cake?

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 by Braden Cook

Our high school English teachers would be so proud, because what we have here is a huge simile. Not smile, but simile. This blog post will explain how our full CleanSpace encapsulation system is just like baking a cake. Cake does not take too many different or complex ingredients, but when they are put together they make something amazing! This is just like the CleanSpace encapsulation that we do in most crawlspaces that we work in.

Let's start with the basics. To make a cake you need a few key items like; eggs, flour, milk, and baking powder. When all of these are put together, we get a nice foundation for the cake. For our system, the "ingredients" are products like 3-inch drain tile, drainage matting, getting vents sealed, and sump pumps. These are all very crucial parts of the system, however, they sometimes get hidden or overlooked because they are not usually seen in pictures. While we are not mixing all of these together, you certainly aren't seeing how effective these products are.

What do you do to a cake after you have pulled it out of the oven? That's right, it's time for the frosting (or icing, whichever you prefer). If you have looked at anything else on our website, you may already know what the icing on the cake is...the CleanSpace liner! The CleanSpace liner really seals everything up. It acts as a barrier between the ground and the crawlspace. Just like the ingredients to a cake, the icing is another key part of the whole thing. CleanSpace is an extremely important part of this full encapsulation system.

Last, but certainly not least come the decorations like candles, or dinosaurs, or whatever your heart desires. Again, another extremely important piece of the whole, because no one wants a boring cake. The decorations for our encapsulation are a little different, and include products like dehumidifiers and LawnScape outlets. While these are not always key parts of the system, they certainly help everything work better, and work together. The exception to this is the dehumidifier, which is almost always a must in a full encapsulation. The dehumidifier keeps the relative humidity level below the level that mold can grow. 

While this may have been a strange connection to make between our system and baking a cake, I think it is something that really makes sense and is an easy way to look at how our system works and interacts with itself! Thank you for reading!

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