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Water Issues in Asheville, NC Basement Leads to WaterGuard

Water, while good for the body, it is simply awful for the home.  The presence of water creates unneeded moisture in the air, which leads to mold, mildew, and an entire slew of new problems. The best course of action is to cut the problem off at its source.

Asheville, North Carolina homeowners decided to reach out to us when they feared water was coming through their floors. This was not a far off conclusion seeing that the floors were stained with the remnants of water. Another probable conclusion would be that the walls were leaking water as well. Either way, our Design Specialist had a solution for the owners.

WaterGuard was installed along the perimeter of the basement. This drain system would insure that, whatever the cause, the water would be collected and then directed out of the basement.

WaterGuard in Basement in Asheville, NC

This basement in Asheville, NC was taking on water. Our All-Dry of the Carolinas team installed at WaterGuard. A water guard is a system that intercepts the water at the perimeter of the basement and drains it unseen and safely into the SumpPump where it is then flushed from the basement. WaterGuard is different because it is designed to not sit in dirt like most draining systems do. There is a special wall flange that creates space between the floor and wall allowing wall seepage to drain through the WaterGuard while keeping it away from the dirt. Since this type of drainage is separated from dirt, the chances of it clogging are nearly impossible!

WaterGuard Prevents Water Intrusion Issues in Asheville, NC

Water intrusion issues are, quite possibly, one of the most annoying issues to have. Once water actually gets into a space, it’s takes forever for it to actually get out or it takes a great deal of work to actually remove it. If you mop it up yourself, you’ve spent over a few hours doing it. If you let it dry, that’s an entirely different story. Once it dries, you’re left with a mess. The floors are stained and every piece of furniture in the vicinity is damaged. No one wins during a flood.

The Asheville, North Carolina homeowner actually reached out to us because they consistently had water intrusion problems in their basement. Try as they might, they never could truly determine from which the problem came.  It was a mystery, and continued to be one until they reached out to us one day. We set up an appointment, and were able to have our Design Specialist on the property in no time at all. David Listovitch, the Specialist in question, took a look around and located the main source of the problem. The walls were leaking water. He concluded that the basement needed our WaterGuard to collect the water and drain it away.

The “after” photo showcases its installation. Our WaterGuard was installed along the perimeter of the basement and fitted snuggly to the walls. In this fashion, the piping system is able to capture the water and direct it away from the basement. Say good-bye to those nasty flood stains.

Basement in Asheville, NC Installs WaterGuard and SuperSump pump

The problem with block walls is simple: they’re porous. They allow water right into your basement. Once the water gets in, there is simply no way to prevent it from staining your floor. Take a look at our “before” photo. See those dark spots along the floor and wall? That is where water has come and gone. As long as there is rain, the water will continue to creep in and pool—unless it’s stopped. That is where we come into play.

In the “after” photo, All-Dry of the Carolinas has installed our solution. We made an incision along the perimeter of the wall to capture the water that comes through it. The WaterGuard piping system then directs the water into the SuperSump pump. The pump then directs the water out of the basement.

Water problem solved.

Water Intrusion in Asheville, NC Basement Corrected with WaterGuard, SuperSump, and CleanSpace

The ways that homes are built are not always helpful in keeping the crawlspace or basement dry. This is one reason why so many people require our services. This particular basement was having a lot of water intrusion through the walls of the basement. Since the homeowner was looking to make the area a more livable and usable space, they wanted this problem to be taken care of for good.

The "before" photo shows what the area looked like before our crew came out to install our products. The most obvious sign that this homeowner needed this system, in this photo, are all of the watermarks on the bottom of the wall. The white marks are minerals that are left behind when the water evaporates. This is never a good sign, and was part of the reason that the homeowner was concerned in the first place.

The "after" picture is a much different story than the first photo. You can see all three of the main products that were installed in the basement. The most obvious one is probably the CleanSpace Wall, which is the white liner that goes around the bottom few feet of the wall. This helps to drain the water to the WaterGuard. The WaterGuard is a drain that runs around the perimeter of the basement and collects the water that comes through the wall. The water then drains through the WaterGuard to the SuperSump pump system, where it is then pumped outside and away from the home. These three products do such a great job in keeping basements dry, and are usually pretty simple and easy to install.

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