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WaterGuard and SuperSump Installed in Alexander, NC Basement with Water Intrusion

Water intrusion is an issue that we have seen since the very beginning of our business. This home was proof that water problems in basements are not going anywhere. Unfortunately, this is a reality that too many have to face. However, there is a relatively simple, and effective way to keep water out of the basement.

This home had been plagued with water intrusion and all of the problems that go along with it for awhile. The problems started to get worse, so they finally made a few calls, which led them to us. They set up an appointment with one of our Systems Design Specialist, who was able to visit the home and figure out exactly what was needed to keep water out of their basement. In order to prevent water intrusion and a high humidity level in the basement, our Specialist suggested our WaterGuard Drain, SuperSump Pump System, and a dehumidifier to help with the humidity level.

Once our crew got to the house a few weeks later, they immediately began working. They began by removing a few inches of concrete floor near the wall, as well as a hole for the sump pump. The SuperSump pump system was then installed and the crew began to work on the discharge line. Meanwhile, the WaterGuard drain was being installed in the "trench" that was cut out for it. Once everything was installed, the crew mixed up some concrete so that the WaterGuard and area around the sump pump could be covered, making it seem like nothing ever happened. 

Our purpose for each job is to provide a solution to every issue that a homeowner may have, while also trying to leave as little of a footprint as possible. We want to fix your home, while making as few changes as possible.

Sump Pump Installation in Columbus, NC

This homeowner was having issues with water getting into their basement, mainly through the wall separating the basement area, from the dirt crawlspace. Since this was a unique situation (usually a home either has a crawl space OR a basement and in some cases, they have both, but they are much more separated), there was a little more planning that had to go into this project.

The "before" picture shows the area in which the water was coming through the most, the corner of the wall. Don't worry, that is not mold! This was a waterproof spray/coating that the homeowner had tried, without any luck. IF these types of products work (and that's a big if), then get ready to keep having to respray constantly, because this is definitely not a permanent solution to water intrusion issues.

The "after" photo shows the same area, with a little wider view. It shows all of the products that were installed in the basement; DryTrak, the sump pump, and a little bit of CleanSpace Liner! All three of these products do a great job of getting the water out of the basement. First, the CleanSpace liner helps to direct the water down the wall and into the DryTrak. The DryTrak then directs the water to the sump pump. The sump pump that was installed was a SuperSump. Once the water enters the sump pump and gets to a certain level, the water is pumped out (through the white pipe coming out of the sump pump) and somewhere in the yard. Between these three products, the basement/crawlspace combo is protected from water intrusion.

Asheville, NC Basement Receives WaterGuard and SuperSump Pump

All-Dry of the Carolinas specializes in basement and crawlspace waterproofing. When this Asheville, North Carolina homeowner gave us a call and explained the situation, we were more than happy to help. They were experiencing very intense water intrusion issues. The basement would be entirely flooded, staining the floor and walls with efflorescence.  As shown in the “before” photo, in addition to efflorescence, the floors would also be tinted much darker than they once were. The water would leave the basement looking haggard and worn.

The best way to stop this from happening was to install our patented WaterGuard System along with our SuperSump pump. In the “after” photo, you can see where we’ve installed them already. The WaterGuard is inserted along the perimeter of the basement to collect the water. Once it does that, it directs the water into the sump pump system.

SuperSump in Asheville, NC

This crawlspace in Asheville, SC had major water issues. There had been an old pump that was placed in the basement that had long stopped working. To solve this problem our team installed a SuperSump system. This design of Sump Pump is a reliable pump with a WaterWatch alarm system and patented SuperLiner. The SuperSump can capable of pumping 2,650 gallons an hour and can also pump up to ½ of solids. The WaterWatch Alarm that is connected to the pump is there to alert you if any water has reached the top of the pump. The SuperLiner has over 96 holes that allow water to flow into the pump from under the floor. Overall this pump is one of the best that someone can have in their basement or crawlspace to keep water out!

Waterguard installed in Unfinished Basement

This home in Asheville, NC was having water come into their basement through the foundation. This basement was half finished and half unfinished. The water was coming in on the unfinished side of the basement, raising up through the floor, and seeping onto the finished side. The puddling water was causing major damage to the floors. The homeowners had replaced the floors a few times already before they called us at All-Dry of the Carolinas to see if we could help.

We sent our design specialist David Listovitch out to the area to check out the situation. The homeowners had already pulled up floor that in the basement when David arrived so he could see the damage. The old floor tiles were falling apart and separating, and there was water stains all on the unfinished floor leading onto the other side. David suggested that the owners go with the WaterGuard waterproofing system to solve their issue.

WaterGuard was added around the perimeter of this basement, it intercepts the water and drains it unseen and safely into the SuperSump Pump where it is then flushed from the basement. WaterGuard is different because it is designed to not sit in dirt like most draining systems do. There is a special wall flange that creates space between the floor and wall allowing wall seepage to drain through the WaterGuard while keeping it away from the dirt. Since this type of drainage is separated from dirt, the chances of it clogging are nearly impossible! The WaterGuard directs the water to the SuperSump Pump where it is then flushed from the basement outside to the LawnScape outlet.

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