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Encapsulating flooded crawl space in Pauline, SC
Imagine walking down into your crawl space to find that it looks like a swamp. Water is standing around the edge of your crawl space as if there is a moat. Mud and dirt litter...
128 Feet of WaterGuard added to basement in Clyde, NC
These homeowners in Clyde, NC called us at All-Dry of the Carolinas to come look at their basement that was taking in tons of water. This basement had block walls and a cement...
Total Encapsulation and Foundation work in Taylors, SC
This crawlspace in Taylors, SC was anything but perfect. Dirt covered the crawlspace floor that was then topped with an old filthy liner. Some areas of the crawlspace had...
Foundation Repair on a Customer's Home in Greer, SC
Unfortunately for many homeowners, foundations will settle over time. Some homes will hardly settle, leaving behind minimal or no damage at all. However, some homes will not...
Preventing mositure in New Home Crawlspace
The homeowner is building a new house and wanting to install preventative measures
Encapsulation in Greer, SC Basement
Here at All-Dry of the Carolinas we service many areas in SC, NC, and GA. One of our local areas that we service a lot is Greer, SC. Greer is located near the base of the...
Waynesville, North Carolina Crawlspace Overwhelmed with Water and Sagging F...
We received a phone call from from a very concerned homeowner when they noticed that their crawlspace had a large amount of standing water in it. The homeowner was also worried...
Total Encapsulation in Waynesville, NC home
This home in Waynesville, NC was experiencing high moister levels in their crawlspace. There was evidence of water damage on the walls as well as water on the crawlspace floor....
Wet and Moldy Crawlspace Repaired in Cedar Mountain, NC
This customer's crawlspace was soaked from floor to ceiling! This crawlspace was really wet and filled with mold. As you will see in one of the photos, there was actually...
Basement Foundation Repair in Marietta, SC
We install a lot of Wall Anchors in this business, but this may have been the most significant damage that we've seen from walls bowing inward. This homeowner had waited quite...
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Cleveland, SC Crawlspace
More often than not, homeowners will call us when an issue is starting to become a problem, but is not quite there yet, such as; getting a weird smell in the basement, small...
Step-by-Step Crawl Space Encapsulation in Clinton, SC
This customer in Clinton, SC had quite a lot of work done on their home. However, this project is much like many of the jobs we take on and complete. The great thing about...
Reverse Wall Anchors Used to Repair a Greenville, SC Driveway
Bowing and cracked walls are nothing new to anyone here at All-Dry. We deal with wall bowing and repair on a pretty regular basis. One thing that we do pretty often here at...
Waterproofing Greenville, SC basement
                This home in Greenville, SC was experiencing major water issues in their basement....
Basement and Crawl Space waterproofed in Greenville, SC
This homeowner in Greenville, SC was having problems in their basement and crawlspace that they couldn’t figure out. Water would come through the crawl space and into...
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