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High Moisture Levels in Laurens, SC Crawlspace Prevents Homeowner From Inst...
Too much moisture in a crawlspace is never a good sign and unfortunately for this homeowner, this was the case for them. High moisture levels can be difficult to recognize...
CleanSpace Encapsulation with SilverGlo in Easley, South Carolina
This crawlspace was in pretty rough shape when the homeowner first contacted us. While the beautiful home above it seemed to be in great shape, the crawlspace was suffering...
Crawlspace Vapor Barrier | CleanSpace Liner Installation in Williamston, SC
This homeowner needed help in restoring her crawlspace to its former glory, and even more! Our customer noticed her insulation falling from underneath her home, so she called...
Salem, SC Crawl Space Encapsulation
This would not be the first time that All-Dry of the Carolinas has installed a system in a very short and low clearance crawlspace. However, that does not mean it gets any...
CleanSpace Encapsulation Installed in Salem, SC Crawlspace When Solution Fr...
This customer was pretty well informed when they called in to have us come take a look at their crawlspace. While we run into well-informed homeowners often, there are also...
Salem, SC Crawlspace Needed Push Piers and CleanSpace Encapsulation for Out...
Foundation issues are not picky and can affect just about any home, anywhere. There are certainly some factors that can make a home more succeptible to foundation issues,...
Foundation Wall Repair in Highlands, NC
This home had a foundation wall that turned into more of a retaining wall, that was separating from the rest of the foundation. This was a serious issue that the homeowner...
Basement Waterproofing in Greenwood, South Carolina
Here at All-Dry, we have dealt with thousands of wet and even flooded crawl spaces and basements before, but this one could very well take the cake. This home was not just...
National Wild Turkey Federation Crawlspace Project in Edgefield, SC
This crawl space job for the National Wild Turkey Federation was not our average job. This project is one of the largest we have taken on at All-Dry of the Carolinas. The...
Seperating Chimney Corrected with Push Piers in Calhoun Falls, SC
An extremely common foundation issue that happens is settlement. A lot of the settlement houses that we work with have to do with the foundation of the home and its settlement....
Toccoa, Georgia Crawl Space Encapsulation with CleanSpace
In this business, we are used to seeing crawl spaces and basements with moisture problems all of the time, almost daily. However, it is not all that often when we get huge...
Major Foundation Issues in Murphy, North Carolina Basement Corrected with P...
We have been able to see thousands of homes in the past 26 years with foundation problems, some were not that bad, and some were pretty severe. Unfortunately for this homeowner,...
Wall Anchor Installation on Demorest, Georgia Home to Repair Indoor and Out...
As far as foundation repair solutions go, wall anchors tend to be one of our more popular options, especially for bowing basement walls and retaining walls (like the one seen...
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