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Photo Album: Moisture Issues Lead to Encapsulation in Asheville, NC Crawlspace

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Stories like this one all begin the same way.

It starts at the beginning—the first stages of the house. You begin making plans, big and little ones. And, of course, you go with a dirt crawlspace because it is the cheaper option. It’s not the most reasonable, but it is the cheapest and that’s all that really matters. Now, we flash forward a few years. There are issues and problems, problems and issues. You’re not sure why you’re having moisture problems; you just know that the humidity in your crawlspace is insane. You just know that that humidity is causing problems elsewhere in the home. Mold and mildew is popping up on your bathroom doors and it’s making you worry. If you weren’t aware of any problem, you are now.

This is what this Asheville, North Carolina homeowner experienced very quickly. Dirt crawlspaces cause problems. The best way to deal with this issue is to encapsulate the space.

 After a swift online search, these homeowners found All-Dry of the Carolinas and gave us a call. They told us what they were looking for, and we sent out David Listovitch, our Design Specialist to look around.

During the inspection, he pulled out a moisture meter to test the wood in the crawlspace. This test revealed what we already knew. The wood had a 15% moisture level. This happens when the humidity in crawlspace is not regulated. To combat this issue, we installed our CleanSpace liner along with drainage matting, sealed interior vents, and hooked up an Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier.

These products combine  to create the perfect encapsulation.

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