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What to Expect: Installation Day(s)

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 by Braden Cook

Now is the moment of truth! You have talked to our ladies in the office and scheduled an appointment, one of our Systems Design Specialists have been out to your home, and you have already taken all the proper steps to ready your home for the installation crew to put in your system! It's installation day! Our crew will be coming to your home for a day (or maybe a few).

As per the usual, this is what you should expect. The first thing that will happen, is a few days before your installation date, you should receive a phone call from the office. This phone call is to remind you of the installation date in case you had forgotten, which is actually pretty common. We try to have your installation as soon as possible, but sometimes during the year, our calendar gets booked up quite far, sometimes a month or more. This is just a quick reminder that lets you know the date of the installation, as well as what time the crew should be there to install the system!

After that, the next time you will hear back from us is when the crew gets to your home! You definitely are not required to be at the home during the installation process, but we do ask that if you are not there, that you provide us access to the area in which we are working in. This includes basements, crawlspaces, and areas around the home that the crew may need to access during the installation process. Another scenario to think about is if you live in a gated community that requires approval. The crew will arrive as early in the morning as they can (travel times vary), however, they crews are usually on site around 9-10 am and on an average day will work until 5 or 6 in the evening. Before they leave at night, the crew will clean up the area as best as they can (of course sometimes this is impossible), but they do their best to "hide" as much as possible. Now since the average job is between 3 and 5 days, more than likely the crew will be coming back at least a couple days in a row. They will complete this process until the job has been completed. The crew often needs to stay later on the last day of a job, because the work can be finished that day, it just may take a few extra hours.

What to Expect Installation Days - Image 1

After the crew has finished the job, from start to finish, then you're almost done! Well sort of, there are still a few little things to get done. We invite you to check out the system and ask any questions that you may have. Our crews, especially the foremen, are extremely well versed in the systems that they install, so they should be able to answer any questions without a problem! The last step is to collect the rest of the payment from you. Now if you are paying with a check or cash, we ask that you give the crew foreman that. However, if you are financing or paying with a credit/debit card, that will be taken care of through the office! You can call us if you'd like to, but don't worry, someone will give you a call the day that the work will be done for a few reasons. One to let you know that the crew will be finishing, but also to collect the payment.

While this is pretty much the end of the process and series as a whole. I will be writing one more, short, blog about a few miscellaneous things that will/could happen after your system has been installed. So stay tuned for that!


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