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What to Expect: Systems Design Specialist

Friday, August 11th, 2017 by Braden Cook

The very first part of your free estimate with one of our System Design Specialists happens several days before you'll meet with them and probably before you even talk to them. After your phone call with someone at the office, we immediately prepare a pre-mailer, which is basically a packet of information on some of our products, as well as an informational booklet about crawl spaces/basements/foundation issues (depending on your reason for calling, of course).

After the pre-mailer is sent out and received by you, our prospective customer then comes the moment of truth, you get to meet one of our great System Design Specialists. The only other thing that probably will happen before they arrive at your home is a phone call from them. They often do this the day before or earlier in the day, just as a reminder to the estimate.

This next part is where all of the magic happens, the Specialist has arrived at your home, and ready to meet you, determine your problems, and give you a reasonable, effective solution. Now, these inspections can take awhile, between an hour or two, maybe more if the home/business needs a lot of work and different products. The Specialist will go under/around the home and begin making notes and measurements of the home, measure humidity levels, and anything else that he needs for the estimate.

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After figuring out exactly what your needs are for the work, the Specialist will have a presentation prepared for you. In the presentation, he will show off some of the products, as well as how they work. Some of this information will be a review if you've read the books that were sent to you. However, the Specialist is there to answer any questions about the system/products, and any further technical questions you may have. At this time, the Specialist will actually show you his proposal on what is needed to fix the problem, as well as price, and anything else that may come with the proposal.

This certainly will not be the last time you hear from our Specialist, they are almost always available to answer questions that you may have. After you have met with the Specialist and have seen the estimate, it is then up to you whether you decide to choose our company or not. Once you call the office, we will set up an installation date for your project to be completed.

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