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How can CleanSpace help YOU?

Friday, April 7th, 2017 by Braden Cook

A wet and moldy crawlspace can cause serious problems under a home and really affect a home's value. No one wants to worry about whether or not their home is safe because of water in their crawlspace. The moisture creates a great environment for mold to thrive, which if left unchecked could cause serious health problems. This post is going to go into a little more detail on these issues and how a CleanSpace Encapsulation System helps combat or prevent these problems.How can CleanSpace help YOU - Image 1

What kind of problems should I be worried about?

As far as crawlspaces and the installation of the CleanSpace Liner, the main thing to worry and keep a watchful eye on is water. The most obvious, is of course, water that pools up under your home. If there are small (or large) pools of water under your home, you really should get your crawlspace checked out. While this is the most obvious sign of water, there are smaller and harder to notice signs of water intrusion. Often times, large abouts of water may not be able to find its way into your crawlspace, but a small amount can. This includes seepage through cinderblock or wood, humidity under the home, and sometimes even leaky pipes!

This water (in any form or amount) can be dangerous and is almost always going to cause you a huge headache in the long run. The two main problems that arise from from moisture under the home are mold and wood rot. Mold (as mentioned before) if left unchecked, can pose a huge health risk for you and your family. The main health effects from mold are allergic reactions and respiratory problems. The respiratory problems are especially serious in people with asthma. While the mold growth is detrimental to a human's health. Wood rot is detrimental to your home's health. Wood rot, in the right places, could cause serious foundation/floor problems, even with the possibility for a floor to collapse if the moisture is that serious.

BUGS!! Water is not the only thing that should and could be kept out of your crawlspace! While this is more of a personal preference, many people do not want to have critters and insects under their home, especially if they're the ones working in it! However, some animals can cause problems by chewing wires, and we all know the dangers of termites!

Another silent killer with an unencapsulated crawlspace are cold floors and higher heating costs. Having an open crawlspace allows air to get colder and stays that way all day! This cold air keeps your floor cold which ends up making your heating costs more during the winter. The opposite will be true during the summer! The air under your home will get warm and stay that way. Making your air conditioning costs go up in the summer.

So how can CleanSpace help?

CleanSpace is a jack of all trades, and helps prevent all of the aforementioned problems. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't! We'll go into a little more detail in this post, but don't just take my word for it, check out more information by clicking here.

CleanSpace is what is known as a vapor barrier, which is a pretty simple concept. In short, a vapor barrier keeps the crawlspace seperated from the outside world. It helps to regulate moisture and keeps water from getting into your crawlspace. Our CleanSpace barrier makes your crawlspace a home away from home! While it is far from liveable, it makes being and working under your home something that resembles fun! A few of the known benefits are; no odors or drafts through the floor, cheaper heating and cooling costs, low humidity levels, and one of the best benefits....peace of mind. Having CleanSpace installed keeps you from having to worry "what if" or "should I check...". You'll hardly ever even have to check on it, and if you'd like, we do annual service on all of our products!


Hopefully between this post and the information linked above, you will be able to see just how great CleanSpace is. CleanSpace does everything for you! It saves you money on heating costs, keeps "creepie crawlies" out of your home, keeps moisture out, and most importantly, gives you a place you will not be ashamed to send the cable guy or plumber! Please give us a call at 1-864-984-2308 or fill out a contact form here for a free estimate!

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