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All-Dry of the Carolinas Before & After Photos

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Crawlspace Encapsulation with CleanSpace in Old Fort, NC

This customer wanted to encapsulate their crawlspace to keep any moisture from getting in, while also making it better looking and easier to work in.

The "before" photo shows a dark and dirty crawlspace, and even worse than that, it was exposed to the elements! The old liner they had did very little to keep water out.

The "after" photo shows what the same area looks like after we've installed our CleanSpace Liner! It is much brighter and easier to work in. But the best part about the CleanSpace Liner is that you don't have to worry about water and condensation building up under your home and causing even more problems!


Customer in Chesnee, SC with sagging floors and mold

Cracks in floor and walls, mustly smells, and moisture are often ignored unnoticed, or simply thought of as minor problems by many homeowners, but when our customer in Chesnee, SC pulled up a loose floor board and noticed mold, he knew there was a problem that he needed to address immediately.

The home is only 10 years old, but when moisture and water intrude, problems can escalate. In order to kill the existing mold, we used a product call MoldX, which eliminates mold spores. To rectify the moisture and water intrusion issue, we installed a full encapsulation which includes drainage, sump pump, vapor barrier, and dehumidifier.

This customer also had and issue with his floors sagging. In the "before" photo, notice the wooden beams used to support the structure. At this point, the home needed more support. In the "after" photo we have installed Smart Jacks. The Smart Jack structural system won’t settle like masonry piers can; nor will it rot or shift like a wood post.

Now our customer has a beautiful and safe crawlspace!

Cleanspace Liner Installation in Wet Crawlspace in Asheville, NC

This home needed some work done in its crawlspace after the homeowner's found standing water and damp ground around the crawlspace. There were several products we used in this project, the main one being our CleanSpace Liner. This products helps to keep your crawlspace separated from the outside world, and especially the earth underneath your home, which is a huge contributor to moisture under the home.

The "before" photo shows part of the basement before the CleanSpace liner had been installed. You can see how the previous crawlspace liner does not even cover all of the ground. In the patch of exposed dirt, you can see damp earth, which is never a good sign.

This "after" photo shows the same area (although from a different angle) after the CleanSpace had been installed. As you can see, our liner goes at least partially up the wall, depending on what our Specialists recommend and what the homeowner decides. This customer decided to take it all the way up the crawlspace wall. Any seams are sealed tight and correctly, leaving no gaps for water or water vapor to get in, or out.

Supplemental Beams and Smart Jack System in Spartanburg S.C.

As a result of failing beams in this customers home, supplemental beams and our SmartJack System were needed in order to stabilize and support the floor.

The "before" picture shows how much the beam was sinking onto the brick foundation.

The "after" picture shows the installation of the SmartJack System. This system lifts and stabilizes existing beams and helps to correct problems like soft and sagging floors.

Wet and Moldy Basement in Hendersonville, N.C.

This basement had severe water intrusion causing this area to be a damp, moldy, and unusable space. After installing our WaterGuard System and BrightWall Panels, along with other products, this is now a more appealing and viable space.

The "before" picture shows just how serious of a problem water intrusion can be, creating a damp, moldy, and potentially dangerous situation.

The "after" picture is after our team installed the Waterguard System-which drains any water away from the basement floor and walls, BrightWall Panels, as well as other products. The difference between the two is incredible!

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